A world without Web hosting, and without the Internet in general, must seem like an alien concept when you consider today’s world. Not only would the computer be basically useless, but everyday services that we take advantage of (like Google and Amazon) would be gone. Here’s a terrifying look at what the world would be like if Web hosting were never invented.

Libraries a Plenty Nobody’s saying that libraries are bad, but they would be used much, much more often. You wouldn’t be able to research anything from Google. That means useless things like your favorite actor, or more important things for college research papers. The information highway would be shut down, and most would go back to how they researched things: spending hours in the library or just sitting on their butt and staying home.

No More Cat Pictures Unless you’re willing to subscribe to Cat Fancy, there’d be no more cat pictures easily available. In fact, all memes would be gone because there’d be no way to easily spread them outside of magazines. Everyone has their favorite meme, can you imagine your life without it? Bye Bye Social Media Say what you will about social media and having digital friends that you never meet in real life, social media has done a lot in our lives. People have been able to stage uprisings, opinions are moving faster than ever and you can easily keep up with your favorite actors, creative geniuses, friends and family members.

If there was no Web hosting, then there would be no way for someone to invent and utilize MySpace and Facebook, the first major social networks. Only Stores People love building ecommerce websites to make money, but there are none quite as popular as Amazon. The Amazon website makes it easy to buy EVERYTHING.

You can buy even the most embarrassing and inconvenient items right from your home, which makes everything easy. Without Web hosting, there would be absolutely no way to do this. If you want to buy something embarrassing, or anything at all, then you’d have to visit a store. Harder Access to Business While only about 1-2% of websites are truly profitable, the fact is that accessing and building your own business online is fairly easy.

From content websites with AdSense to ecommerce and service-based pages. It only costs about $100 to start a business, which is ridiculous when you compare it to brick and mortar stores. Web hosting has made it much easier for people to make money and provide for their families and retirement. Terrible Computer Market Yes, computers are made specifically for software and they have thousands if not millions of functions.

However, let’s be honest: doesn’t everyone buy a computer to use the Internet? While there might be some people out there that hate the Internet but love computers, the truth is that computers are synonymous with the Internet and Web hosting. If there was no Web hosting and no websites, then the computer market would never get off the ground. It would belong only to a very small handful of geeks and tech nerds, but the rest of us wouldn’t even bother with the device.

Conclusion Web hosting has literally changed the world. From easy information access to being able to connect with friends and making money online. A world with the Internet would be foreign and alien. So, be thankful that this technology exists, otherwise the world would be a very different (and much slower) place.